Why Social Brands come into picture! Tips to Growth Hack using Social Branding.

With all the increasing connectivity it’s like people are surrounded by screens. As a Marketer it makes me think how it opens up new effective ways to reach your target audiance.

As the new mantra of Mobile only/mobile first catches up its clear that if a brand can reach your mobile screen it opens up a potential relationship development opportunity.

Brands have been using conventional media campaigns linked to mobile response to drive engagement.

With the rise of Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn a Brand with a Content Marketing Program powered by a targeted Social Media Strategy can reach it’s target audience on their personal screens.

But the important question is : Why would you follow a Brand ?
This is where Social Brands come into picture!

Fun is a serious business tool ” – Richard Branson

This is true for Social Branding. You wouldn’t follow a brand if it’s not fun!

Brand personification in terms that your target auidance can relate to is important.

Its time to humanise brand, share a part of you. Something your audience can relate to.


Earn the right to serve your community with #Content, #engagement & #sales working in harmony with each other.

Here are some tips to Growth Hack using Social Branding

1. Study online user behaviour of your target audience.

Find which platforms your target audience use. A brand can better serve their community if it  knows where it’s target audiences are, what they like to talk about and where online.

It enables a brand to create online marketing assets that adds value for customers rather than just salesy Facebook pages or Twitter handles.

2. Create a strong Content Strategy.

A content strategy that produces great shareworthy content on a consistent basis is a must.

Content that is personalised, adds value and has a cultural appeal gets shared fast.

Find out what topics relate and interests your target audiance. Each issue/topic can be an inspiration to develop a consistent, shareworthy content flow.

For example a sporting event that appeals to your audiance can produce a great content based campaign.

But remember consistency is the key.

3. Have a proper Ignition Strategy in place.

Good content needs a great Ignition Strategy for it to reach a mass audiance.

Find and connect with influencers/opinion leaders in your niche. Engage and reward them for sharing your content. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and register your brand.

4. Proper Online Reputation Management is important.

The secret is good listening. Social Selling cannot happen without Social Listing.

Invite and reward people who engage with you.

Prompt and timely reply to comments, quires and posts is essential to form connection.

5. Use Analytics to define goals and measure impact.

Business analytics are like eyes and ears for a business brand. Use actionable analytics to define marketing goals and objectives.

Keep a track of what is working and develop on it.

Your Social Media efforts should tell a story. Characterise a brand like a writer characterises a character.

Tell a story.


Nawaz Mohammed

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